Melodic Soul NFL SuperBowl Mixer | Hosted by Zachary Devon


Melodic Soul’s NFL SuperBowl Mixer

Zachary Devon SuperBowl Weekend Start!

The SuperBowl Mixer that I hosted was a success on Friday, February 3rd here in the heart of Houston, TX. I was able to be a guest host for the party. The  CAA and NFL Players Association were in attendance and it made the event that more unique. It was a great honor to be able to be part of this exclusive event.

Additionally, a lot of the brands that were there also were a sponsor of my music. It was a great feeling for me to be able to connect the NFL players with some of the new technology and fashion that I’ve been blessed with. Notably, the short term planning of this and the successful turnout was impressive. Furthermore, there were players from so many teams including Houston Texas, Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers showing love at the event. Most importantly having support from some of my fellow brothers like Akeem Hunt – Running Back for the Texans, Justin Staples – Line Back for the Titans, Nate Palmer – Line Back for the Titans for my music and career was a good feeling.

Special Thanks Our Sponsors

Additionally, we had really good and healthy food and drinks from vendors. The main partners at Vinci and Mint Worldwide gifted some of the latest styles in audio technology and fashion. In conclusion, It was definitely an event to remember for my friends and I in the industry. Furthermore, we also had some of the best sushi provided by Top Sushi here in Houston. Of course, alcohol was provided by Bellion Vodka and Cliffton Dry. However, these alcohol sponsors had some great product with a healthy outlook, making it more than refreshing.

I’m looking to do more events like this with my music to open it to the public to enjoy some of the amenities that comes with being an industry insider. I can’t wait to share these experiences with the fans once we begin to do releases across the world!

Stay tuned for our next event that we will be hosting in Las Vegas coming April of this year.


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