Who is Mr. Melodic Soul?: Self Narrated, Never Fabricated

Who I Am

I’m going to skip the smoke and mirrors and introduce myself to you as Zachary-Dèvon. A melting pot of Lousiana Créole culture and Vietnamese American ancestry. I am the soul of a musician, a body sophisticated fashion, the brain of a businessman, the heart of all things healthy, and a proud wolf owner (See My Wolf Elektra).

A Melodic History

My earliest memory of acquiring my melodic soul was the age of 3. Growing up a child of 5 in a military family there was not very much creativity going on. Fortunately, my summers were spent with my grandparents in Louisiana. This was where I met my first love, music. My grandfather was a jazz pianist with an ear for music. Hearing the keys play the first time struck a chord with me and gave birth to my melodic soul.

First, it started with my parent’s noticing me humming on the beat and in tune with songs on the radio. My favorites were mostly, the Commodores, Tevin Campbell, Babyface, and a few others. Immediately, my parents knew I had something special. This spark led to early performances at weddings and lead to today’s live concerts and published music.


My Melodic Resume

Shortly after working with Beyonce’s family at Music World Entertainment, I ventured out as an independent artist. I learned a lot of great business advantages being on the back end of music production. The business education really helped me to navigate my success to where it is today.

Nevertheless, at that point, I felt like I had learned enough to branch out on my own in the professional world by building my musical empire while working in corporate America. I finally left the hellish lifestyle of corporate in 2015 to focus on building a path for my music and building my empire.

Lastly, I’ll bore (LOL) you with the credits of what I’ve done so far to date. My first single and video on MTV, “All This Love” in 2014 (See Video on VEVO) . The single “Show it off” (See Video on VEVO) in 2015 was performed and played in New York fall fashion week amongst the fashion elites. Endorsements are a specialty for me and you can find my music along with audio and products in stores now. Walmart, Verizon, On The Go Airport locations are some to name. Also, we are working on a new release this year for the artisticlly sexy single “Shots of Your Body”. Let’s not forget the EP that you all should look out for in 2018 titled “In the Key of D”.

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